How to gain knowledge of what a manager really does? Part 4

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In this post, the last describing how to acquire knowledge about the work of a manager, I will present in a slightly different way the layout of organizational sizes and online managerial tools on the platform.

The way is as follows.

A human manager solves organizational problems. To solve each of them he uses a more or less formal managerial technique, that is, he performs certain activities. In order for these activities to actually occur, he must use some managerial tool. If we build a measuring instrument into the managerial tool, then the managerial tool can record what activities were performed, that is, what technique the manager used to solve the organizing problem.

If we consistently gather knowledge about this, we can imitate a human manager and build a robot manager. If we use artificial intelligence to add his reactions to the various situations he encounters, we have a ready-made intelligent robot manager.

However, it all boils down to us being able to acquire knowledge of what the manager is really doing.

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