Does everyone have to scare us with artificial intelligence? Sam Harris included?

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Is artificial intelligence really that scary from up close and from the farthest corners of YT? I watch a lot of opinion videos about the consequences of using artificial intelligence in many areas of life. Rarely do I hear positive opinions about how artificial intelligence can change our lives for the better – inventing cures for hitherto incurable diseases, designing more passable intersections or organizing people’s work much better than a single human manager.

Frankly, I’m a little tired of complaining about how the human race will end up miserably in a few or a dozen years, because artificial intelligence will come and threaten our existence. I have written about this many times before, that these notions are not exaggerated if we provide artificial intelligence with tools – mechanical robots – and humans to ally with it. Humans can handle the former objects very shubbly. Any such robot would first have to be manufactured (by humans), and then, however, it would probably have some kind of power switch. If it didn’t have such a switch, we can’t create an inexhaustible power source in the foreseeable future. In other words, eventually its batteries would die. In the case of humans – we don’t have as much control over that – but it’s still rather science fiction.

The thing I’m always most curious about is what professions artificial intelligence can replace. In the following interview there is an interesting passage on this topic, it starts at 01:10:06. And it is a very interesting passage, because Sam Harris looks at the issue from the point of view of the usefulness of the work we provide to other people. If someone creates value for people that artificial intelligence can’t, there will still be a need in the labor market.

This begs the question, what about managing a company or a team? Will human managers in management create more value than the average learned artificial manager?

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