The most important and frightening statement on artificial intelligence?

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I have found a video review on artificial intelligence, I wanted to show you a fascinating conversation with Mo Gawdat, former CEO of Google X. This is a person who has an extremely rich experience in developing artificial intelligence solutions. He is a mathematician and programmer – he boasts that he was solving tasks mathematically before he started talking. He managed one of the largest companies in the world for 7 years.

The interview is so interesting and contains so many unexpected conclusions and statements that it draws you in from the first sentence. Also, the slightly distorted accent with which Mo Gawdat speaks English makes it impossible to tear yourself away from this interview. Maybe I’m wrong that artificial intelligence doesn’t threaten us? Maybe the robot manager will put us out of work very quickly and replace us with robots?

Interview: EMERGENCY EPISODE: Ex-Google Officer Finally Speaks Out On The Dangers Of AI! – Mo Gawdat | E252