Boston Robotics, OpenAI Robot Neo or Tesla Optimus? See what the latest constructions from well-known companies can do

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When I was a teenager, I used to construct robots from LEGO bricks, and my flagship project was a hand, movable at the wrist and with moving fingers. I could grasp a ball or a bottle with it, but I had problems controlling the motors and the precision of the movements. Those were the days of TTL digital circuits, not Arduino kits. However, there was something fascinating and at the same time very mysterious about copying nature, even with blocks.

Then I got into team management, managerial techniques, and asked myself what to do so I could build an artificial manager. I created a theory on how to do it, i.e. wrote the book Organizational Sizing System, and for that I designed online managerial tools on the platform. But I still like the ideas of humanoid robots, which will now probably develop even faster due to the development of artificial intelligence – after all, they can be largely autonomous devices, not just remote-controlled toys.

For what human-like robots can currently do from the mechanical side, see on YT: Boston Dynamics Isnt The Only Company To Be Worried About…