Did anyone expect in 2019 that artificial intelligence would develop so much?

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Today I watched an incredibly interesting documentary film, produced in 2019, on the development of artificial intelligence in the broadest sense. When I found it, I thought to myself – what can I learn in August 2023 about artificial intelligence from a 2019 film. After all, we have certain time caesuras in the development of civilization, the closest to us being the advent of the Internet (mid-1990s), the emergence of YT (2005), and now the public demonstration of ChatGPT.

On the surface, it seems that the world is just changing by such leaps and bounds, and that everything through ChatGPT is no longer valid. And yet, no! The film is very interesting, showing the issue of artificial intelligence from many points of view. The only disadvantage, but also an advantage (whatever you prefer), is that it is almost 2 hours long!

If you have that much time at home, are on the go, or spread this film over several parts, it’s really worth it! A revealing and engaging publication!

See on YT: In the Age of AI (full documentary) | FRONTLINE