My favorite music Youtuber: what will be the consequences of using artificial intelligence in music?

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And what can Rick Beato, my favorite Youtuber in the field of music, say about artificial intelligence? I like his great videos about music, about songs (that I sing or would like to sing), but that he would make a video about artificial intelligence, I didn’t expect.

In the film we can listen to fragments of songs created by artificial intelligence. It’s not just the sounds of instruments, which were already possible to simulate since the 1980s, even by the toy microcomputers I was programming at the time, the Atari 800XL. Now the possibilities for simulation are enormous!

But if you want to listen to Kurt Cobain’s “Black hole sun” or Paul McCartney generated by AI, you must see this: The AI Effect: A New Era in Music and Its Unintended Consequences

So will the next charts consist of songs created by AI? Will they compete with human vocalists?

What do you think about it?