Artificial intelligence will be a good or bad god. Are we prepared for what’s coming?

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We are all familiar with ChatGPT by Open AI. It is Microsoft’s de facto project, the end of which we have heard about many times. But none of those predictions came true and Microsoft is doing very well. Let me remind you that Microsoft’s products were supposed to be defeated by Google’s products, so far this has not happened.

That’s why Google may feel a little concerned about the popularity of GPT Chat. Its answer to such use of artificial intelligence is Bard, a tool similar to a sentence generator, just like ChatGPT. I’ll admit that it really impresses with its naturalness and the fact that it does an excellent job of imitating a human in, for example, writing rather demanding texts.

Are we prepared for what is coming?

The answer can be found on YT: The AI revolution: Google’s developers on the future of artificial intelligence | 60 Minutes