What are the stages of artificial intelligence development?

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The first stage of development is systems are based on rules and algorithms, like a chess program, for example. At the second stage, systems can recognize the context of a situation and learn from human behavior. Examples include Apple’s Siri consultant or ChatGPT, discussed on my blog many times. Our robot manager should also work at least in this way.

The third stage is systems based on being a master in a particular area. This is no longer a matter of simply imitating, but drawing out best practices and creating objects that no single human could create. An example is IBM’s Watson computer. The fourth stage of development is thinking machines, understanding and drawing conclusions, simulating human thinking. They can create ideas and learn from experience. Such systems do not exist yet, but we are very close.

The fifth stage is a general artificial intelligence that surpasses all human mental activities and is unbeatable by humans. It could perform all tasks better than any human. Even at this stage it has self-awareness and the ability to direct its development. The sixth stage is superintelligence. At this stage the problems begin: it is impossible to define what AI is and what it is not. Such intelligence would be able to solve all kinds of problems that we can’t even imagine.

The last stage – stage seven – singularity. At this stage, technology develops completely independently, without human influence, and adds a whole new dimension to civilization.