Ray Kurzweil Opinion. When will the singularity of AI become a reality?

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Today I begin a video review on artificial intelligence in various applications. I’m constantly following interviews and research on the use of artificial intelligence, especially in management, and the featured videos are the ones I think are particularly important to understand the kind of world we will live in.

The first video is about the opinion of Ray Kurzweil, considered one of the fathers of artificial intelligence, on how we will use AI in the future. Soon, in 2030, biochips will allow humans to communicate with computers using thoughts. Around 2040, the structure of the human brain will change so that it can make better use of artificial intelligence. In 2045, artificial intelligence will intellectually surpass all human minds, combined, and human consciousness will be able to be powered by additional artificial consciousness, and after 2050, artificial intelligence will be embedded in everything around us.

When will the so-called AI singularity come, that is, an artificial intelligence endowed with consciousness and more powerful than all minds combined?

You can see on YT: SINGULARITY AI: Ray Kurzweil Reveals Future Tech Timeline To 2100