Experimental results: can online managerial tools be used to measure managerial actions taken not by managers?

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I will now revisit an article I already linked on the blog when I wrote about how to use TransistorsHead.com’s managerial tools to record what a manager actually does. In that post, I showed that managerial tools are also measurement tools and record managerial actions taken by the manager. You can find out what, when and how the manager performed while managing the team.

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Now I’m going to show you that with the help of managerial tools, you can also record all the members of the team, and exactly the managerial actions taken by them and when they participate in the managerial actions taken by their manager.

In the article, I posed the following research questions about the team manager:

  • What managerial activities do team managers undertake?
  • When are the various managerial activities undertaken by team managers?
  • How long do managerial activities last?
  • What are the typical sequences of managerial activities undertaken by team managers?

However, the same questions could be asked of team members, since the online management tools on the TransistorsHead.com platform are shared and anyone on the team can use them. Objects produced in the tools can be shared with other team members, and some tools cannot be used at all just on their own.

The study involved 41 students majoring in Management at the University of Economics in Katowice. They were divided into teams of 5-6 people as part of the Human Resource Management course. In each team, a team manager was selected to lead the team during the survey. The survey was conducted using the non-participant observation method.

Although 7 teams participated in the study, in the article I describe the activities of one of them. This team was selected because it had the highest activity as measured by the number of managerial activities that were created by the team manager and edited by team members. The team started on May 18 at 10:46:38 (team manager’s first login) and ended on May 20, 2017 at 21:28:11 (team manager’s logout).

Figure 1 shows the usage statistics of online manager tools by all team members. Figure 2 shows how many times each team member used a particular tool, that is, the number of managerial actions taken by team members. Thus, it is possible to describe each team member by the managerial actions taken and… replace each one with a robot….

Figure 1. Statistics of the use of managerial tools by all team members

Figure 2. Number of managerial actions taken by each team member

The entire article can be found here:

Flak, O., Teamwork research method based on the system of organizational terms and online management tools