In what areas will a robot manager be better than a human manager?

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I find more and more articles in the daily, trade and scientific press about the fact that artificial intelligence will eventually replace humans in the role of manager. Admittedly, this is still received with disbelief even by the authors of these articles themselves, but their predictions are in line with what I have believed for several decades now.

One such article is by Behzad Benam, who is the founder and CEO at SafeLine, a company that provides engineering services to the automotive industry  The article appeared on

According to the author, artificial intelligence will replace most people in managerial positions in the future in several task areas.

First, AI will replace humans in simple administrative tasks such as scheduling. Here I disagree with the author, because planning is neither an administrative task nor a simple task. Let’s call planning a managerial activity. A similar activity is the activity of controlling the course of processes or tasks performed by others. Controlling is actually the other side of planning – a complementary managerial activity.

Second, artificial intelligence can be involved in predicting the behavior of people, including the company’s customers or the employees themselves. In the case of customers, artificial intelligence can take the human manager out of analyzing market trends, customer behavior or their shopping cart. And in the case of employees – if it were possible to monitor employee activity – it would be possible to know what, how and with whom they are working, at what time they are most effective, etc.

Third, ChatGPT3 platforms, which are fashionable today, can help write reports based on the information collected and the market situation. This way, they don’t have to wait for data collected from different team members to find them in such a complex and fast-changing market. AI applications in business intelligence help managers research, analyze and classify data to create management reports.

Fourth, the robot manager will be a digital assistant to the human manager, as it can handle many tasks, such as planning vacations, distributing tasks among employees, and creating schedules. I don’t think it will stop there, because if the robot manager can help the human manager with activities such as planning, it will also be able to do it itself!

Fifth, the author mentions the traditional area already mastered by AI, namely decision-making. This is, by the way, a rather misguided approach to decisions in general, since decisions are such turning points in all other managerial activities. Of course, it is possible to separate “decision-making” from other activities, but decisions always have some context and involve something.

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In it there is such a sentence: “I think AI will replace bad managers”. I don’t agree with this, it would be too optimistic for us managers. I would say that AI will replace all of us.