You have an idea for a business: why do you need to think about organizational structure?

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Hiring employees is a big cost for Nowak. If, on the other hand, he wants to set up a company, he has to share the profit earned with the partners. In both cases you will need a good organization of work and division of tasks

When constructing a business plan for a venture, you must not only plan the products, how to inform customers about them, your mission and your suppliers, but also the organization inside the company. If he intends to operate completely on his own, he will not need such a plan for the time being. However, if he wants to set up a company or hire employees soon, he needs to think about tasks for individuals and their compensation.

The internal structure of the company is not important to either customers or competitors. Instead, it should ensure the smooth operation of the several people involved in the venture. First, you need to determine the number of them – whether they are associates or employees. In either case, you should consider their knowledge, skills and experience, as well as the specific role they are expected to play in the establishment and later in the operation of the company. If they will be co-founders of the company, you also need to consider the amount of money they can contribute to the company’s capital.

There is no general rule of thumb for when you will be in a better position – if it employs fewer or more employees. If he is thinking of starting a construction company performing services different from the competition, he should be prepared for both the exceptional success and failure of the venture. Usually companies are defensive about planning to hire more people for fear of unreasonably inflating the cost of business. However, it is not a matter of having dozens of bricklayers, roofers and carpenters sitting on standby full-time when the office opens. However, in order not to lose exceptionally profitable orders, it is worth having an idea of who could quickly appear for work if needed.

What are the elements of the organizational structure and how to hire employees? Read about it in the following days.