Incredible advances in humanoid robotics, or why is Ameca so cute?

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I’ve always wanted to build a human-like robot. It’s a dream still from my childhood, when I used to build pseudo-intelligent driving robots out of LEGO bricks (which never lived to see the sequel), moving hands catching balls (without the sequel arm) or head symbols in the form of flat structures, full of interactions, adequate to the simple electronics of the 90s world. My current management tools have the name, a reference to the youthful days of “heads on transistors.”

Precision robotics, however, has always remained out of my reach as a robotics hobbyist, and now it amazes me all the more with its sophistication. A few years ago there was the Sophia robot, which Will Smith tried to date and which became the country’s first citizen.

Now Ameca has appeared. She is slightly less human in appearance – she has a gray face and does not always appear in full form, but only in bust and head form. However, the fact that she is not disguised as a human, yet can imitate human facial expressions, attracts me even more to watch videos featuring her. Hidden behind the plastic mask is ChatGPT and this combination creates a truly amazing impression.

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