The dawn of the war of artificial intelligences? Which one wins at the start?

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In a previous post, I showed a video on the development of artificial intelligence, which is represented by Open AI’s ChatGPT. Behind it is the immortal Microsoft, which has long been prophesied that with its Windows it will not survive the next clashes with macOS, Android or will fall in comparison with the office tools provided online by Google.

None of these things have happened. On desktop or laptop computers, Windows is still the world’s main operating system. Microsoft systems run on 75.41% of devices. Second is macOS with a result of 14.64%. Unknown systems account for 4.74% and Linux for 2.92%. Chrome OS ended December with a result of 2.29%. Likewise, most of us, even on Apple computers, use MS Office tools rather than other less data-intensive copies of Word or Excel.

Why Microsoft is winning the first round of the war of various artificial intelligences, see: Satya Nadella & Sam Altman: Dawn of the AI Wars | The Circuit with Emily Chang