Which company lasts forever, considering the lifespan of the IT industry?

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In previous blog posts, I have shown the opinions of managers of various companies developing mechanisms based of GPT, namely Sam Altan, Elon Musk and Mo Gawdat. Each of the companies represented by these managers has a different philosophy regarding artificial intelligence. They will see the future of the IT industry differently, especially the threats and opportunities of artificial intelligence development.

From these opinions, we can see that a great race has just begun as to who will be the first to build a general artificial intelligence and control the singularity (which by definition will be impossible to control). It seems to me that the holy and biggest brands of the last 20 years – Google, Facebook, Amazon – have reached the wall when it comes to exploiting the possibilities of the Internet, and now it is rather not social media and delivery of goods that will rule the digital world, but artificial intelligence providers.

The first company to make publicly available an artificial intelligence mechanism based on the GPT (language models) mechanism is Open AI. Open AI has put itself forward, at least officially, as the leading provider of artificial intelligence. And what company is a stakeholder in Open AI? Good old Microsoft, of course. This story reminds me that Mark Twain, the famous American writer, having read his own obituary in the newspaper declared: “Rumors of my death are greatly exaggerated,” as we’ve already waited more than once for Microsoft’s demise, especially after failing every other version of Windows. Yet Microsoft has been thriving for more than 40 years. In that time it defeated its first customer IBM, helped its biggest competitor Apple, allowed it to survive in the 1990s by investing in its stock, and despite its faltering in the Internet field today we use the Edge browser and not Netscape Navigator.

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