OpenAI CEO Sam Altman: how will the world change with artificial intelligence?

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This time see an interview with the 37-year-old head of the most “hot” company of the last few months, namely OpenAI. This time it will be a little less about the dangers of artificial intelligence, although Sam Altman also mentions them in his statements. But he focuses more on how the world will change as a result of the spread of artificial intelligence and machines that can learn. In this post, I will again focus on what is

First, it is difficult to imagine these changes. It is one thing for things to change that we cannot imagine.

Second, the worst variant of this change is that the program code, written by artificial intelligence, can be used for a cyber attack. For understandable reasons, such an attack will be difficult for humans to counter.

Third, it will be the most powerful tool humanity has ever invented for learning, problem solving and even medical diagnosis.

Fourth – very interesting – the threat will be that as you use ChatGPT more and more, the more you believe it and create for yourself a picture of the world that does not really exist. This is the world of the language model. Altman himself calls it hallucination. This observation is really interesting!

It means that the more we use this technology, the more we will have a distorted picture of the world. I would also add that, after all, this picture of the world can be created at will by corporations with these types of tools, and we will not be able to distinguish this created vision from reality. On top of that, each of us can have our own such world, which I will write more about by quoting a Pole who works at OpenAI, but that’s in a few days….

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Who is Sam Altman?

Samuel Harris Altman (born April 22, 1985 in Chicago) is an American entrepreneur, investor and software developer. He co-founded Loopt and is the current chief executive officer (CEO) of OpenAI. He served as CEO of Y Combinator and was briefly CEO of Reddit.

Incidentally, Y Combinator is an American Startup gas pedal, I will write a separate post about it.