Who wants to buy a double manager? Part 2

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In a previous post, I wrote a 6-point list of tasks that need to be done to make an artificial manager. Although it looks quite simple and concise, underneath each of these points is a lot of conceptual work, design, engineering ideas and theoretical knowledge. As is usually the case, what looks simple or works simple, inside simple is not. Now I’ll show you graphically how this one will work your manager double.

See the previous post for a list of tasks:


Let me make another important point clear at the beginning. So far I have written about the artificial manager, and in this and the previous post I use the terms “double manager”. A manager double is one version of the artificial manager, which can be everyone’s personal robot manager. Manager double is a narrower term than the artificial manager.

So let’s go back to the list of tasks leading to the manager double. In Figure 1, I have shown the practical application of the double’s manager in teamwork.

Figure 1. Practical business situation and application of the double manager

How does one work in such a business situation with a double manager?

  1. A human manager and team members work together, for example, in a project through online management tools (TransistorsHead.com).
  2. Managerial activities of the team (manager and team members) are recorded by online management tools.
  3. Information about managerial activities is transformed into numerical data.
  4. The behavior of the human manager and team members is recognized and described by pattern recognition techniques, and then the system learns by using machine learning methods.
  5. Some of the managerial activities are replaced by automatic actions taken by the system, i.e. the double manager, and on some of the managerial activities the double manager advises the human manager.

The purpose of having your manager double is so that you can, for example, go on vacation, leaving the team with your double, who himself will organize the weekly meeting, set goals with the team for the next days, check whether they are motivated to work, help resolve conflict between them, etc.

I made the point of having a double manager in this video:

In the next post, I will present the results of a study I conducted with students when their boss was an artificial manager, built as a double of a human manager, also a student, performing the same project task.