In what company is the president already an artificial manager?

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You come to work like every day, and there is a big commotion in your company. Chairs, desks and books are being carried out of the boss’s office. What is going on here? Doesn’t the director need it anymore? In fact, now his room may be completely empty, except perhaps for one chair, on which your new director will already sit….

Is this just a vision from a science-fiction movie?

If you are employed by NetDragon Websoft Holdings Limited, then you must get used to the fact that your boss will be an artificial manager. In September 2022, this company announced that Ms. Tang Yu, a humanoid robot equipped with extensive artificial intelligence, is becoming the company’s CEO. He will be tasked with managing the company and transforming it into the world’s most competitive computer game developer.

The company already has millions of users, gathered on mobile and online social media platforms. He is the founder of China’s online game portal,, and China’s most influential smartphone app store platform, 91 Wireless. The company was founded in 1999 and has since become one of the most reputable and well-known online game developers in China. Its best-known titles include Eudemons Online, Heroes Evolved, Conquer Online and Under Oath.

NetDragon is also expanding its online education business, based on management’s vision to create the largest global online learning community, and to bring true integrated blended learning solutions to every school around the world. This is what Ms. Tang Yu is expected to help with.

See on YT: Ms.Tang Yu, AI-powered virtual humanoid robot appointed as CEO of NetDragon

NetDragon representatives emphasize that the concept of “Metaverse organization” has an important place in their development strategy, which means virtualization of many areas of the company, especially team management. Ms Tang Yu will streamline the flow of processes, improve the quality of work tasks and increase the speed of their completion. Another task of Ms Tang Yu will also be to build a real-time data center and analytical tools to support rational decision-making in everyday business situations. Due to the quantifiable nature of business risks, the virtual CEO will have the ability to estimate risks more accurately and take rational actions.

Interestingly, the creators of Ms Tang Yu aimed at such algorithms so that talent management and task allocation among employees would be better done in the company. The creators emphasize that it is also about more equitable work motivation! This is confirmed by the words of the company’s previous CEO, Dr. Dejian Liu. He said that AI is the future of enterprise management.

This is exactly the approach I have been trying to promote for more than 15 years. It came from the fact that management, as an activity of people aiming to make something out of nothing, has always assumed a great deal of rationality in action. Project management, for example, is such a slightly different physics – there are certain laws and rules that cannot be broken without consequences. In my opinion, excessive attention is focused on ephemeral and emotional issues in managing a company, team or project. They are, of course, important, and often condition the personal success of a company or project manager, but the tasks themselves happen over time and often have to be performed in a mechanical and therefore rational way.

This is why the approach of the management of NetDragon Websoft Holdings Limited is so close to my heart – only a rational machine as an artificial manager can make the best use of people’s resources and talents, distribute tasks, and then fairly evaluate and reward the work of team members.

One of NetDragon’s managers said: “Looking ahead, we will continue to develop our algorithms behind Tang Yu to build an open, interactive and highly transparent management model as we gradually transform into a metaverse-based working community, which will allow us to attract a much broader talent base around the world and put us in a position to achieve greater goals.” And this is the direction by which management as a science and as a practical activity can keep up with developments in other areas of life, rather than remain in the early 20th century….