How have managerial skills been used in studies of managerial work?

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As I have shown in previous posts, managerial skills have become one of the dominant approaches to representing managerial work in research since 1967. This has done little to understand what a manager actually does. Why?

Well, if we learn what skills a particular manager or group of managers had in a given situation, we will only get an answer to the question of what they were able to do, but we will not know what they actually did. Of course, this is important knowledge, because a robotic manager could be equipped with the same skills as a human, but… which of these skills and when would the manager use them? That is not known.

Studies of managerial skills over the past 50 years have covered a wide range of business situations, managerial levels, enterprises and social phenomena. Below is a summary of, in my opinion, the most important research in this area.

Table 1. The examples of published results on skills managers over last 50 years. Part 1

Table 2. The examples of published results on skills managers over last 50 years. Part 2

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