How will artificial intelligence affect the education of young people?

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When ChatGPT came out, everyone started wondering how artificial intelligence would affect the education of young generations. Its impact will certainly be huge, from the fact that we no longer really know what content is created by humans and what content is created by AI, to taking work away from teachers and lecturers.

I myself see several phenomena here that will increase over time and the emergence of more versions of artificial intelligence. As I write this, I assume that GPT language models are not its perfect form, and I have written many times about how difficult it will be to build a robot manager based on them.

First of all, the existing knowledge, before the era of CottageGPT or even going further back – before the era of Boarding School, was quite stable and uniform. In schools, children learned more or less the same content, and majors developed competencies based on the same knowledge. Now the sense of the veracity of knowledge has dropped significantly. It is difficult for us to discern whether a theory, concept or fact is true or crafted based on the linguistic mechanism of GPT.

Second, knowledge in the past formed a relatively unified whole. One could refer to an encyclopedia, the content of which was not dynamically changed according to the user’s needs. The encyclopedia was one. Today, anyone can create their own knowledge and try to convince others that it is right. There are many channels on YT, where we can find advice on how to write books (and quickly become a millionaire!) based on ChatGPT. Such businesses grow fast, make a lot of money and quite well, if it’s only fiction books and not scientific studies. This causes us to lock ourselves into small knowledge bubbles of a few hundred people, convinced that we are the only ones who know how the world works well.

Third, artificial intelligence will very soon replace human teachers. My students would probably like a Nobel laureate to stand in front of them, not me, and tell them in his own voice what he himself has discovered. Lecturers, teachers, business and personal development coaches – many of them will be replaced by interactive AI lecturers, whose age, gender, appearance, background, tone of voice students will be able to “adjust” according to their preferences.

Everything will change because of artificial intelligence. Once these processes start, they will go very quickly. Then the artificial manager will have to learn from the artificial teacher!

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