Will artificial intelligence according to Elon Musk be better than OpenAI?

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Today I’m really doing is searching for new insights and views on the implementation of AI in our lives and in business in particular. From this review of various presentations, interviews, digests and statements, one big nightmare emerges: humanity will be annihilated and machines will take over the world.

And here, suddenly, Elon Musk presented a completely different approach to the subject. In the recent history of the development of technology, say since the late 19th century, there have been figures who have changed the world in revolutionary ways. By the end of the twentieth century, inventions had merged so tightly with business that today it is the great business visionaries who are changing the world. Among the greatest visionaries, and at the same time businessmen of the late 20th century, I count 3 people. They were: Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and Andy Grove. There is a fantastic book about them:


However, we are now in the 21st century and there are new people who are revolutionarily changing the world. Among them is Elon Musk. Despite the fact that we associate him with cars or eccentric ideas about sending man to Mars, he has been speaking a lot lately about his new invention xAI. At the same time, he doesn’t scare or draw catastrophic visions, but has a very positive approach to what artificial intelligence can do.

Elon Musk tasks artificial intelligence with a different task. It’s about AI’s goal of searching for the truth. It’s a very different approach, because it’s not about generating knowledge from already existing knowledge, as ChatGTP does, and sometimes confabulates. The xAI tool aims to seek the truth about the world. And this is a completely different approach that can help solve human problems and develop new inventions.

In terms of building an artificial manager, I have been asking the same question for several years: what are the real actions taken by a human manager? Perhaps xAI can help with that… if only it could be equipped with managerial tools like those at TransistorsHead.com?