What are the risks of using artificial intelligence in a company?

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Before the Covid pandemic, we were accelerated by the digitization of life, the use of online tools, and electronic communication. Many aspects of our work have changed. In my opinion, the last four years in the digitization of life can be compared to the previous 20 years, which began with the spread of the Internet. Another revolution has happened now – ChatGPT raises so many controversies and concerns. Nevertheless, the effects of the introduction of this technology into widespread use by OpenAI are bound to be enormous – from slowly replacing the work of journalists, to writing essays to students, to searching for information on the Internet.

Therefore, it seems that views on artificial intelligence from 4 years ago may already be somewhat outdated and inadequate to the current reality. And yet not necessarily – I recently came across an article on the risks of using artificial intelligence in a company. The article is full of content and difficult to summarize, so I am linking it in full:


It’s worth reading to understand where we are in our development of civilization. And, in fact, we are already two revolutions away – the acceleration of digitization by Covid and the advent of ChatGPT.