Will the robot manager be a woman?

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Today an entry of a slightly different nature. It will be more of a curiosity than a fact from the artificial intelligence space, but quite symptomatic. According to zippia.com, in 2020 in the United States only 35% of managerial positions were held by women. An even smaller percentage of women held CEO positions of Fortune 500 companies – only 8%.

According to the same portal, globally, women hold 23% of CEO positions, 29% of senior management positions, 37% of executive positions, 42% of professional positions and 47% of specialized positions.

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And what’s happening in the world of robots?

In Japan, most humanoid robots are female characters. Their resemblance to humans in appearance and behavior is surprising on the one hand, but frightening on the other.

Does this mean that if your manager ends up being a robot, it will be in the form of a woman?