Would you trust a manager who was a robot? Part 1

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Imagine you walk into your boss’s room, and there behind the table sits a human-like robot. However, at first glance you can see that it is not a human, but a machine. Not only is it more powerful than you in terms of physical strength – after all, you won’t be arm-wrestling – but it has learned the project management ways of all the managers in the corporation where you work. You have to ask him to resolve a conflict with your colleague over the scope of your duties. Will you trust him?

The knowledge of your artificial manager is the sum of all the studies and courses completed by all the managers ever worked here. His experience is the sum of all the experiences of human managers since the beginning of the company. Will you trust him?

Let’s first answer the question of what trust is. It is the belief that others will behave towards us in a friendly or at least neutral way. You can only think about trust for events that cannot be described by a probability distribution. If we can know the possible events that may occur, and we can determine the probability of their occurrence, then we talk about the risk of that event. Then the trust makes no sense – you can buy insurance or think on duplicating the course of action.

If the event is not risky, it is uncertain. And then trust protects us – we can make decisions, we are calmer, we can not think about certain things. Could you so trust your boss, who knows and understands everything? Or would that be when you would have to count his trust as risky? But what insurance company will sell you insurance against being fired by your robot boss?

It turns out that trust in robots is affected by many factors, which you can learn about on YT: Would you trust a robot with your life? | Christoff Heunis | TEDxTwenteU

Oracle produces an annual report on people’s trust in robots and machines. It turns out that most of the 8370 employees of the companies that took the survey say they trust IT more than they trust their human managers! Of course, this is not to contrast trust in a robot boss versus a human boss, but nevertheless it is quite symptomatic that in individual countries they trust IA more than they trust humans – 64% on average.

This breaks down by country as follows: India (89%) and China (88%), Singapore (83%), Brazil (78%), Japan (76%), the UAE (74%), the US (57%), the UK (54%) and France (56%).

You can read the entire report here:


In my opinion, if we want more rationality in decision-making by bosses and more insight, we need to trust artificial intelligence. Artificial manager won’t feel sorry for us, but he won’t be guided by sympathy for us or colleagues at work, he won’t be in a bad mood or you won’t hear from him a malicious remark about you. I would trust.

And what do you think about your confidence in AI? How has it changed in recent years? Maybe this all-knowing artificial manager would be more fair and caring in some situations than your real, human manager?