How did artificial intelligence evolve from pattern recognition to ChatGPT?

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The Alan Turing Institute has extremely interesting videos on its YouTube channel about artificial intelligence and the development of computing techniques. One such video is a lecture by Professor Michael Wooldridge, who shows the path of development from pattern recognition, a method that has been evolving since the 1980s, to the current technology of language models, of which ChatGPT is a representative.

The lecture is extremely interesting, as we will learn from it how images are recognized and why pattern recognition developed only in this century. After the stage of machine learning and deep learning came the fashion for GPT language models. Prof. Michael Wooldridge tells how the possibilities of applying artificial intelligence to physical and mental human activity will change. I recommend the images from the time of the video: 1:00:57 and then 1:01:48. It is shocking how quickly artificial intelligence is catching up with human skills.

The lecture is delivered with great verve and dynamism, in beautiful and understandable English. The title: The Turing Lectures: The future of generative AI