Yuval Noah Harari: What is the future of the world in the age of artificial intelligence?

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“Artificial intelligence will change the ecological system on Earth.” Why is such a statement justified? The answer can be found in the following video, which is worth watching in order to realize how important for us is the appearance of a physical representation (maybe not exactly physical, but almost physical…) of artificial intelligence.

“So far, for 4 billion years, the Earth’s ecosystem has consisted only of natural organisms, and now we have the beginning of an era in which organisms created by nature will coexist together with artificial creations designed by man.” I would add that maybe these artificial creations will even be designed by themselves!

Yuval Noah Harari sees many dangers of such a state of the world. For example, the enormous possibility of manipulating entire societies with language or images that will generate a world that really doesn’t exist. We also face dilemmas that we have never faced as humanity. The first is whether an artificial intelligence can have a consciousness of its own and how to recognize that it has one. The second is what types of decisions to give artificial intelligence to make and whether it can be held responsible for those decisions.

The third area is our daily decisions. Yuval Noah Harari asks why should I buy a newspaper if I can ask artificial intelligence what’s new in the world. He also asks why companies should broadcast product ads when I can ask what I can buy.

Is this the end of human history? This is not about the end of history, which Francis Fukuyama erroneously announced in 1989. This is about the end of history created by man in the works he created, buildings, art, poetry and even everyday products. From now on, when all this (almost…) can be done by artificial intelligence, the history of mankind begins to be written not only by man….

All the questions that Yuval Noah Harari raises are extremely interesting and sometimes even shocking. For why artificial intelligence will have such an impact on the fate of humanity, see on YT: Yuval Noah Harari: AI and the future of humanity | Frontiers Forum Live 2023