Maybe ChatGPT 5 will be an artificial manager?

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In previous weeks, I analyzed whether ChatGPT could be an artificial manager. I’m skeptical that a talking head, learned from thousands of books and websites, can be a manager that takes managerial actions and really manages a team, not just answers employees’ questions (and that’s usually pouring water a bit…).

However, the progress of GPT technology is quite rapid, and we can assume that it will be part of a larger whole system that will guide the artificial manager. A few days ago there was a statement from one of the developers of ChatGPT that in December at the latest there will be ready version 5, which in addition to recognizing text (GPT3), image (GPT4) will also be able to recognize video. It will remain to embrace touch, but that may be on ChatGPT6?

So let’s ask ourselves, will we be able to employ ChatGPT5 as the artificial manager?

Let’s reach for the definition of general artificial intelligence (AGI). It is such an object’s ability to understand or learn any intellectual task performed by a human or animal. The definition is short, but very succinct and fits our idea of a human manager – he can do it, of course narrowing the world to organizational reality (company, team, industry, etc.).

Going further in the analysis of what such general artificial intelligence (AGI) is supposed to be in practice, we can list 5 such practical activities:

Creativity – the ability to understand human creative activity and conduct human-like activity.

Perception of reality – experiencing reality similarly to using human senses, or perhaps even better, because having a much wider range of these senses, such as better hearing (wider frequency range, greater sensitivity, etc.).

Adequate motor capabilities – moving around, manipulating objects (e.g., fingers, arms). Although robotics began with this very area, it has lagged somewhat behind the intellectual capabilities of modern robots. Nevertheless, there are companies that are betting on the development of just motor capabilities.

Natural language understanding (NLU) – this area is currently associated with artificial intelligence and scares some people who don’t understand that ChatGPT is (for now!) just a generator of (sometimes random) sentences, but surely this skill must be highly developed in the artificial manager.

Navigation in the field – it’s not just about GPS, which, after all, is useless indoors, but orienting oneself among objects and buildings, recognizing their type, etc.

However, the developers of ChatGPT do not envision such skills in their version 5, except for natural language understanding and image perception. So from this version no artificial manager will be…