Cooperation – a harmonized activity in which individuals or groups perform partial tasks in achieving one common goal, whatever that goal may be.

High-level machine intelligence (HLMI) – the phenomenon that machines can perform any task better and cheaper than humans without human assistance.

Managerial actions – a real activity, which a manager does in order to play a managerial role when he has a certain managerial skill.

Managerial role – areas of professional activities that are undertaken by a manager.

Managerial skill – the ability to work effectively in the role of a team leader and to build cooperation in the team that this manager leads.

Managerial style – a preferred way of managing people in order to bind together diverse activities and functions, as well as to exercise control over employees.

Social group – a certain number of people (at least three), linked by a system of relations regulated by an institution, having certain common values and separated from other collectivities by a clear principle of separateness.

Social processes – series of phenomena involving personalities, social groups, collectivities, in such a way that they are series of social-only phenomena.